Fajtori Chat – Albanian Chat Room

Albanian girls 4There are many chat sites on internet and we are going on to introduce them for you. If you would like to meet with Albanian people on chat sites, there are many good opportunities for you. We have already mentioned about a few chat sites to you on our last posts. Now we are going to introduce you one of the most quality chat sites of Albania. It’s Fajtori Chat and you can meet many Albanian girls on here. If you would like to start a dating with people from Albania, this site will be perfect for you. It’s a free chat room and you can’t use your camera and voice devices on this site.



Radio Chat

You can listen radio and listen some Albanian music on the site. It’s one of the best Albanian chat site of the country and there are many quality DJs on the site. You will enjoy to listen local songs of the country. If you don’t like to music, you can still stop it from player on the site.

IRC Chat Room

The site has web-based IRC system. You are going to talk to people with only text on chat room. Unfortunately there’s no cam chat and voice chat services of the site.


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