Chatroulette SMS Verification for Account

Chatroulette Girls 4Chatroulette is a world-wide chat site where you can meet with many girls and boys. However it’s popularity is decreasing nowadays for new SMS verification system. It’s annoying for anyone who wants to chat on the site. We will give you some tips how to resolve this problem. If you want to chat on the site you will need to verify your account. Otherwise it won’t be possible for you to enter to site at all. Some people think that the site is violating privacy of them with demanding your phone number. You will also get information about why site wants your phone number and it’s not violating your privacy. Actually it’s for your security.

You will able to activate your account with our tips and you will begin to chat on the site one more time. You will create new relations and you will able to meet with girls.



Why Does Site Want Your Phone Number

It’s for keep the site in safe. There are many perverts on the site who violates terms. There are people who pranks you, recording your videos with fake camera programs and pertverts. People who gets ban from site, won’t able to turn back again with verification system. However there are many problems about verifying…

I didn’t Receive Any Code for Verify My Account

You will need to submit this issue to Chatroulette forums and you should send a mail to site staff. They will fix that techincal problem as soon as possible. This problem generally appear in Asian, African, South American and Eastern Europe countries. That won’t take too much time for staffs to resolve this issue.

How to Bypass

If you want to bypass this verify stuff and if you don’t want to give your phone number to site, you will need use some sites. However these phone numbers shouldn’t be used for activation before. Otherwise you won’t able to join to site. There are many virtual sms services on internet sites. You can use them freely. But we don’t recommend it for you.

How to Get Past

If you want to get past SMS Verification of the site, you need to spend too much time for it and you should find out a virtual phone number for SMS. If you are lucky you will able find on Internet sites. You can find some sites with Google Search on internet. However I don’t recommend these services. When there’s a new fake phone number, it’s getting used immediately by fans of the site.

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