Gender Filter on Chatroulette

filter females on ChatrouletteIf you would like to chat with only girls or only guys on Chatroulette, you should do a few steps. I should admit that, you should spend some cash for that. Otherwise you won’t able to chat on the site. We are just giving regular ways to use gender filter on here. If you would like to learn free ways, you can check other articles about that on Google. There are many ways to do it free. You will get a detailed information here how to meet with only girls and guys on the site in this article.



Filter Females

If you would like to filter females on the site, you should purchase tokens. Tokens will give you premium connections (100 or 500) for meeting with girls on the site. Getting these tokens free is illegal. We don’t recommend you to do or try it at all. After you get tokens from site, you should click on Premium button and you should filter females.

Filter Males

If you want to meet with males only on Chatroulette, tokens will help you do it. You can also filter countries and you can meet with guys from anywhere you want. Premium connection limits are same with filtering females.

After you get premium connections, you shouldn’t feel yourself special. If you have enough amount of reports on site, you may get ban from Chatroulette. If you get ban, they won’t refund your cash at all. Gender filter is one of the best feature of the site.

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