Omegle Estonia

Estonian girls 2Estonia is a beautiful country of Northern Europe. There are many people who wants to get friends from other countries in Estonia. If you also want to meet with people from this country, this page will guide you to meet with people. You will able to get new friends from Estonia and you can even start a dating with them. We are going to recommend you some Estonian sites on here. They are free but some of them may require you to register to system. If you don’t want to register to sites, you can take a look at options which doesn’t require you to register.

We will share you some Omegle Estonia chat sites which is a good alternative of Omegle. If you ever want to meet only girls on Omegle, you can click here to get more info about that.




VIPChat EE is a famous chat site in Estonia. However the site language is Russian. If you know Russian you can get many beautiful Russian girls who are living Estonia on this site. It has a quality looking and there are many good chat rooms for you. There’s also a forum on the site. If you would like to talk people on forum, you can use that too. You can meet many online Estonian girls here.

NightChat EE

It’s another good chat site and an Omegle Estonia alternative. It’s free and it’s a text chat. You can get new friends from Estonia on Night Chat EE. It’s very simple chat site and it’s very safe to chat.


OK EE is a good chat site where you can meet with many Estonian guys and girls. It’s a free and reliable chat site as same as other Estonian chat sites. You can meet with people on here freely.



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