Omegle Iran

Iranian girls 5If you would like to meet new people from West Asia, you can easily meet them on some chat sites. There are also some of them on Iran chat sites. There are not too much alternative in the country however there are still chat rooms with many users. We are going to introduce these chat sites for you and you will able to make friends from this country. You don’t need to register to sign up these sites and you don’t need to spend cash. All features are free and it’s very easy to make friends on these sites. Besides there are many online girl users. If you want to meet girls only, you can also try our guideline for Omegle. You can get many useful strategies to meet girls with COG tips.




ShomaChat is a simple web-based chat room site. You need to have flash in your browser to enter to site and you need to get a nickname for yourself. You don’t need to register to site at all. You should enter main page of the site and begin to talk to strangers from different countries. You won’t only meet people from Iran on ShomaChat. You will also meet people from Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Tajikistan. There’s only text chat feature on ShomaChat.


ManotoChat is not a perfect alternative of Omegle but you can still fişnd many online people from West Asia on the site. There are generally people from Iran on the site and you don’t need to pay for features of the site at all. However the site requiring e-mail activation and sms activation. If you don’t want to give your phone number to a chat site, you can also try ShomaChat or other local chat sites of Iran.

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