Korean Chat Sites Like Chatroulette

Korean girls 3If you would like to talk to someone from Korea, there are a few useful chat sites for you where you can talk to strangers. We are going to introduce you a few Korean chat sites which has similarities with chatroulette. So you will able to find partners from Far East from these sites. We are going to help you a little bit about how to use these sites too. However the sites which we will recommend to you will be in Korean language. So it can be hard for you to learn how to use these sites. We recommend you to use Google for understanding the sites better. There are many online Korean girls on these sites.




Gagalive is very famous site and it’s the best chat site like Chatroulette. It’s free to use and no registration required for the site. The site is in Korean language, however there are many online people. It’s a random text chat service. You can meet with many Korean girls on the site and you can talk them online.


Gagating is another quality chat site and it has some similarities with Gagalive. It’s in Korean language and there many people from Korea on the site. There’s no cam chat and audio chat features on the site. All you can do is text chat and there’s not any other feature. If you would like to talk to people from Far East, you can use Gagating freely. However people want to talk in Korean on the site. So you should be patient while you are seeking for females.

These are the best random Korean chat sites.

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