How to Unban from Chatroulette

Chatroulette Girls 21Chatroulette is a known chat site for those who loves to chat with stangers. However sometimes you can get ban from the site because of some misunderstandings or violating site terms. If you would like to talk to strangers on the site again, you will find some tips for  how to get unban from the site on this page. We recommend you to try every steps we are going to tell you here. So you will able to bypass a ban as soon as possible. To remove your ban from the site may take your time a little bit. However it worths to chat on the site. Let’s tell you how to do it!



Proxy Services

There are many trustworthy proxy services on internet which will help you to remove your ban. You can join this free services and you can join the site one more time. However we recommend you to do not try to enter the site with your same nickname and phone number which you have banned. Otherwise your new account will be banned too.

Free VPN Programs

Most of VPN programs are providing free services for their users. You can use these programs to enter to site again. These programs are changing your IP address and masking your real IP. Most of the programs are using Amerian, UK or Canada IPs for their users. So you will join the site and talk with your partners with such programs. Especially Ultrasurf is giving unlimited service for their users and it’s free.

Contact Administration

If you couldn’t manage to get unban from the site, you can contact to Chatroulette administration. If you violate terms, you can tell them how much you regret because your actions on the site and apologize from them. They will remove your ban soon. If there’s a misunderstanding, you can tell them you are innocent! It’s going to fix your situation soon.

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