Sites for Free Chatroulette Tokens

chatroulette girlsChatroulette is a world wide chat site. If  you would like to chat with only girls on the site, you need to pay for Chatroulette tokens on the site. These things are providing you premium connection and it helps you to filter gender on the site. However they cost 10 dollars or 50 dollars on the site. If you would like to get them free, you have several options for that. There are many sites which is giving service about that. They all are free and you don’t need to give any personal information or you don’t need to register to them. We will mention aboout these sites in this page and we hope that you will able to get these stuffs free.




It’s one of the best sites which you can get free premium connections. There’s also an easy tutorial about how to get program. You have to download program from the site and watch to video on the main page. It will tell you how to get connections. It won’t take your too much time to get connections.

Chatroulette Token Generator

It’s a blogspot site where you can download another good program for premium connections. It’s free. All you need to do is downloading program. Selecting 100 0r 500 connections and clicking on Generate button. Copy the code and paste the site and get your connections!

Chatroulette Premium

It’s also a good site which gives you free Chatroulette tokens. However you can’t get these free connections when you want. The site allows you to download connections once per week. So use your connections wisely!


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