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omegle croatian girlsCroatia is a popular country with handsome guys and beautiful girls in Eastern Europe. If you would like to meet with one of these people, Omegle is one of the best chat platforms. However we will tell you Croatian alternatives of Omegle here. So you will able to contact these people on their sites. Many Croatian people can speak English very well, so you shouldn’t worry about communicate with them. However you should worry about how to use these Omegle Croatia sites. We will tell you some examples for these sites and we are going to tell you how to use them. We hope that you will able to find a beautiful or handsome partners with these tips.




Chat Balkan

You will able to find partners from Balkans with this chat site and you will able to meet with girls and guys. It’s free to chat. The site is taking its database from Xat. However Xat has been banned from some countries ISP. You will need to download a VPN service to enter to chat. Otherwise you won’t able to see any online people on the site. You just pick a nickname before you chat on the site. You don’t need to register for join to chat room. It’s free at all. Chat Balkan is a little bit international chat platform. You will able to meet with people from Albania, Croatia, Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Moldova, Romania, Kosova, Turkey, Greece, Bosnia and Slovenia on the site. There are Muslims and Christians on Chat Balkan.

Chat HR

Chat HR is another good chat platform and one of the best Omegle Croatia sites. However the site hasn’t got a random chat platform as same as Omegle. It’s free to use and it has some simalirities with Chat Balkan. When you compare it with Chat Balkan, you can see that Chat HR has more Croatian users than Chat Balkan.

iCroat Chat

iCroat is one of the most largest internet platforms on internet. You will able to meet with many online Croatian girls and guys on the site. However you need to register to site for getting an account. You can translate to site in English, German and Croatian from top bar. So it won’t be problem you to register to site at all. You should click on Register button on top bar and you should fill required fields. It will take your a few seconds to fill all required fields and it will worth it. You will able to use the site freely. Don’t forget to use valid email address while registering to site. iCroat is a dating chat site, while you registering to site, you will already fill some fields for dating with people.



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