You Both Speak the Same Language – Omegle Problem

omegle and language problemSometimes Omegle having problems with same language. You can’t change language and you keep connecting with people from your country with this problem If you would like to resolve this problem, you will find detailed information about this subject on here and you will able to fix that problem with our video and resolution tips. Unfortunately changing DNS, using VPN services doesn’t resolve this problem. All you need to do is changing your interests on the site. Otherwise you won’t able to join to site with other ways and you won’t able to talk with strangers from different countries.

If you would like to chat with English people on the site, you need to change your interests in English language. So you will stop to get  “You Both Speak the Same Language” messages. You need to do it for other languages too… There’s a video and some tips for how to do that.



Video for How to Resolve Language Trouble on Omegle

The video is only for English language. You can see more tips below of the video.

Interests for German Language

These are interests which you can use for resolve this issue (Just copy and paste to site)

Deutschland, Österreich, Berlin, Hamburg, Köln, Düsseldorf, Dortmund, Essen, Dresden, Leipzig, Frankfurt, Duisburg, Bremen, Stuttgart

Interests for Spanish Language

These are Spanish interests which you can use for resolve this issue:

Argentina, Buenos Aires, La Plata, Quilmes, Colombia (and some city names of Colombia), Venezuela (and some city names of Venezuela), Mexico (and city names), Spain (and city names)

You are going to fix same language problem with this tip. You can also do same for other languages. Good luck.

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